We employed Sentra in 2011 to build our dream home in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.
Rodney Thornton project managed our unique build. The Blue Mountains site offered significant challenges as it was a difficult site. Access was tricky and the block was fully wooded with eucalyptus trees and large sandstone boulders. The site had a high fire rating due to its proximity to the bush.
Rodney was on top of the requirements set by the council and the architect.
The house is a steel structure and the steel was sourced from China and erected on the site. The house is a large, open planned design. Rodney ensured that the structure was built with attention to detail. The trades worked well to the schedule. We were living in our home within 7 months from the start of construction.
Rodney kept us informed throughout the whole process and he ensured we were aware of all costs involved. This enabled us to make decisions that suited our financial requirements and fulfilled our dreams in relation to our home. He provided us with a high-quality construction.